Non Profits

Many non-profit organizations call LeRoy home, fostering community throughout our town and supporting the many residents who live in the LeRoy area. We encourage you to find out how you can get involved in the community, as well as, find ways your family can learn about our community.

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boys at camp

Rose Lake Youth Camp        
Visit our website or Email Us
17750 Youth Drive, LeRoy      
Phone: 231-768-4351
Description: summer youth camp

Center Lake Bible Camp
Contact: Don Cochan
Visit our website
15204 20 Mile Rd, Tustin            
Phone: 231-829-3441
Description: camp and retreat center


Kettunen Center
Visit our website
14901 4-H Drive, Tustin              
Phone: 231-829-3421
Description: conference center and camp

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LeRoy Covenant Church

LeRoy Covenant Church          
Visit our website or Email Us
201 Cherry Street, LeRoy         
Phone: 231-768-5011
Description: family, youth & children’s ministries

United Methodist Church of Leroy      
Visit our website
310 Gilbert Street, Leroy
Phone: 231-768-4512
Description: family ministries

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Volunteer Fire Department


LeRoy-Rose Lake Volunteer Fire & Rescue
Description: fire department & emergency rescue

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LeRoy Township
Contact: Anja Wing, Supervisor
Visit our website

Village of LeRoy
Contact: Gwen Skillern, Mayor

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Dewings Community Center Dewings Center
Visit our website
202 S. Albert Street, LeRoy  or Email Us
Description: Community center, arts center, Boys Scouts, various community programs

LeRoy Area Historical Society

LeRoy Area Historical Society 
Visit our Visit LeRoy informational webpage
Contact: Robert Houseman
Phone: 231-388-3489                      
Description: Historical, museum

Osceola County League for Arts & Humanities        
Visit our website
Description: Arts and humanities

Osceola Quilt Trail                
Visit our blog
Description: County-wide quilt trail on buildings

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LeRoy Community Library         
Visit our website or Email Us
104 W. Gilbert, LeRoy                      
Phone: 231-768-4493
Description: Public library

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Membership Associations

Rose Lake Forest Property Owners Association, LeRoy
Visit us on Facebook
Description: Property owners association

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Pine River Area Schools
17445 Pine River Road, LeRoy
Phone: 231-829-3141
Visit our website
Description: an elementary, a middle and a high school

Pine River Area Schools students